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27th September 16
Trail : home : Peel Park Pigeons
Many thanks to our sponsors Rising Bridge Corn Mill, who have kindly donated a bag of corn.

Peel Park Pigeons



Name : Ring Number :
Flutter GB2012A40703
Jordan GB2012A4704
Declan GB2012A40709
Terry NWHU2012X2386
Charley NWHU2012X2387
Damien GB12A40713
Buttercup GB12A40711
Treacle GB12A40701


Support for our Pigeons

We are extremely grateful to Hilton Herbs for their continued support of our school loft and their most kind donations of the supply of remedies and health treatments for our pigeons. Our pigeons continue to keep remarkably healthy and active as a result.

We are also very appreciative that TauRIS UK -The Electronic Clocking Systems specialist have also agreed to donate a system to allow us to measure speeds etc and therefore add a further dimension to work on the curriculum and in out of school activities. We are really grateful to these kind and generous organisations for all their support.

Cameron recently interviewed Terry, and Caity about their roles at the loft.

Click below to listen!


Interview with Terry
Interview with Caity


Ring Numbers



Our new pigeons have been named by the children who look after them, and now have ring numbers ready for them to compete. If you 'fancy' following them here are their details:


Ring Number: Description:
Katie Gb10 a 17247 Blue pyed hen
Scary Fairy Gb10 a 17242 Blue cock
Scrappy Doo Gb10 a 17243 Check w/wf cock
BMX Gb10 a 17245 Blue cock
Crystal Gb10 a 17244 Light check
Stanley Gb10 a 17246 Blue cock


New Life in the Loft!

Click here to download our newsletter created by Caity Fawcett

Duke and Duchess in Residence


Our Royal pigeon 'Duke', has now been paired with a female pigeon, which Mr Slattery has named 'Duchess'.

Royal Pigeon




While Mr Slattery was away, he entered Sparkles in her first loft race, and she came third!

We have had other celebrations too - in the RPRA Yearling Races:


Back in the Loft


The local Newspaper visited Peel Park loft again recently, to celebrate the return of Mr. Slattery and the pigeons.

Keeping up with the Pigeons


We have a permanent display in school, that is regularly updated with Pigeon news.


Peel Park Pigeon Loft


 Peel Park now has it's very own pigeon loft - thanks to Mr Slattery (our resident lollipop man) and the funding and sponsorship he has raised from local businesses in the community. Not only that - we are privileged to have received a pigeon from the Queen's very own loft. This is because we are the first school in England to have a pigeon loft, but we are true trend-setters, as another school in Cumbria now has one too. We are sure there will be plenty more interest, due to our appearance on North West Tonight, Radio Lancashire and BBC Radio 5 amongst others. Our first taste of fame came from our appearance on BBC Breakfast show, at the beginning of 2009.  

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To find out more about pigeons . . .

If you would like to find out more information about pigeons, you could take a look at the Royal Pigeon Racing Association's website. The magazine 'British Homing World' has a link on their page too. Click the here to have a look.

Radio Lancashire Visits our Loft


Peel Park Pigeon loft had a visit from Radio Lancashire.

Pupils are interviewed on North West Tonight


Peel Park pupils were filmed this week by the regional BBC news team  - and it was shown on  'North West Tonight' on Tuesday 7th July.

To watch the interview again, simply click on the image on the right.



Report by North West Tonight


Pigeons, including one sent from the Queen, have become the latest teaching tool at a school in Lancashire.

Students at Peel Park Primary School in Accrington have become amateur pigeon fanciers after using the birds in many of their lessons.  A pigeon loft was installed at the school by their lollipop man and keen pigeon racer Terry Slattery.  He said: "It all started when I brought in one of my winning pigeons and the kids became really interested." 

One of the students, Kamran Mullah, 10, is a pigeon enthusiast.  He said: "We are very proud to have these pigeons, particularly this one that has been sent from the Queen.  It is a privilege to have this bird, we are the only school in Britain to have a pigeon belonging to the Queen."

Their headteacher, Judith Williams, however, has admitted that she is terrified of the pigeons. "I am absolutely petrified of them, the children love them but I'm not quite as keen. Terry has even given me a wooden model of a pigeon so i can get used to them."

Kamran pointed to another pigeon with a tail of white feathers and said: "This pigeon is a fantail pigeon. This one attracts all the other pigeons and makes sure they come home. I also collect all the pigeon's droppings and store them in this bucket and then I pour them in the composting bin and then I put the soil into the garden so it will grow."

The birds are also used in maths, geography, science and other lessons across the curriculum.

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